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Mary Diemer

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23 years
Daughter of Charles Weston Esq. Married J. C. Diemer.V.D.M. in 1776. Son: John James Diemer (baptized on 9.6.1776 at Calcutta).
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Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mary Diemer Second Daughter of Char.s Weston Esq. of Calcutta who in the Bloom of her Life Was Broken off by a lingering Disorder At Bandell the 3.d of June 1782. In the 23rd Year of her Age. ..... She was in her Life, plain and open, Humble in her mind Grave and modest in her conversation, Constant in her friendship; Untainted by the fluctuating fashion of the Age sincere in her Piety to God; Sympathizing with her fellow creatures Patient & resigned under all her sufferings An obedient Daughter A faithful Wife A tender Mother Beloved & esteemed in her Life Lamented & regretted in her Death Especially By her affectionate Husband J. C. Diemer. V.D.M S. Oldham ................ In memory of these Daughters Dear Who grieve the heart & force the Parent's tear, So soon by Angels snatched away To dwell in Reigns of eternal day They weep no more the mourn or sigh .... like them to live like them to die.
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"Lingering disorder"
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gateway tomb
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Her father Charles Weston (1731- 25.12.1809) was the son of a recorder of mayor's court at Calcutta, born in a house then opposite to where the Tiretta Bazar now stands. He was a friend of Holwell and a member of the Calcutta militia. His grave in the Park Street cemetery records that he died on the 25th December in the 78th year of his age. Weston features frequently in Archdeacon Hyde's writings as a generous and benevolent man as, it is relayed, that on the first day of each month he was wont to distribute alms to the amount of Rs. 1,600 "with his own venerable hand" to a crowd of unfortunates who flocked to Chinsurah to receive a share in this princely largess. Her husband John Christman Diemer (27.3.1745- 21.2.1792) was born in Gundershoffen, Alsatia to Johann Jacob Diemer. He attended high school in Buchsweiler. His schooling spanned from 10.29.1766 to 1770, and he studied theology and earned an admission to the "Protestant monastery" (College St. Guilleaume) in Strasbourg. On 17/11/1770 he matriculated at the University of Halle, to study theology. In 1771 Informator in the German boys' school and the Latin School; since November 1771 Table inspector to the German schools; Since October 1772 inspector of the German girls' school; In September 1773 ordination in the castle church Wernigerode; in 1774 travelled from London to Bombay and onward to Calcutta. Since 19.02.1775 he was a missionary in Calcutta. During 1779-1780 he stayed at the Cape of Good Hope. In 1783 he quits as missionary, in Calcutta. In 1785 returns to England, living in London. In 1786 and 1788 he makes trips to the Alsace and in 1789 returns to Calcutta to work with the 'Danisch-hallesche mission' (Written in 'sketches of missionary in north india' (1844).) He occasionally took over the charge of the school at Chinsurah and set up one himself for private pupils, in his own house, which was next door to the public school. 2 years after Mary dies (1789?), he returns to England with his only son. He marries Charlotte Catherine Goll on 5.3.1788 in Middlesex. He comes to India again as the company’s chaplain in 1791. Was in India during 1775-1792 (17 years). After arriving in India, would often minister in English, often also in German in Chinsurah. Also administered the sacraments. Died in Bengal and is buried at South park Street Cemetery, aged 44.

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Joint tomb of presumably 2 sisters.
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