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Gregorius Herklots

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84 years
Husband of Mrs.C.C.Herklots. Father of Gerhard Andreas Herklots who translated the Qanun i Islam. Father of Hannah Herklots, who married the missionary Alphonse Lacroix. Grandfather of Hannah Mullens who wrote the fisrt Bengali novel, Fulmoni o Karunar Biboron. Son of Gregorius Herklots of Cossimbazar and C. G. Kloppenburg (also buried in this cemetery)
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Here lie buried the mortal remains of Gregorius Herklots Fiscal. Chinsurah. He was born at Bremen January 1768. Arrived at Chinsurah in 1789, resided there for a period of sixty three years and died May [ ] 1852 Aged 84 years. ---- . ---- Employed in responsible offices by both the Dutch and English governments, he discharged the duties of public life with unblemished integrity, fidelity and zeal. He resided with the most child like faith upon the promises of the redeemer and made submission to his master's will law of his life. His religious principle was especially exhibited a Christian hospitality, in liberality to the missionary cause and in kindness to the poor. His Christian duties as a husband, a father and a citizen he sought to fulfill according to the law of Christ and through his spirits aid him with the warmest esteem.
Fiscal of Chinsurah.
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Arrived at Chinsurah at 1789 and resided here for 63 yrs
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Gregorius Herklots came to India in 1789 and was appointed a member of the Dutch service in Chinsurah. Mainly famous as the fiscaal of Chinsurah, Herklots was also the interim governor from 1784 -5. After the British takeover, he continued in his position of fiscal under the new government. Herklots married a young widow, C.C. Herklots, and their marriage lasted 55 years. They had 16 children out of whom only 4 survived. At the time of death Herklots had thirty seven grand-children, thirty nine great grand-children and one great-great grand-child, in all a patriarchal family of 81 descendants. He became the Sudder Ameen of Hooghly in 1832 alongwith Radhagovind Soom. The highest office he attained in it was that of the magistrate. Herklots is mentioned in connection to the translation of the Dutch land deeds (pattas) into Bengali and in connection to ice-making in Chinsurah. In July 1817, he is recorded as receiving five hundred rupees for services as an accountant under the British governor Gordon Forbes. He also appeared as a witness in the trial of Pertaub Chand, the claimant to the throne of Burdwan. He is also mentioned in connection with the reprinting of the Malay Bible by the British and Foreign Bible Society. Herklots was the father of Mr G.A. Herklots who was the translator of the Qanun-i-Islam by Jaffer Shurrif (Shurreef, Jaffur, and William Crooke. Islam in India. Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 1999)

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Fiscal of Chinsurah
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This memorial of His Excellency is raised by the grateful affection of his surviving children
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This memorial of His Excellency is raised by the grateful affection of his surviving children
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