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Catherine Gertrude Bryne

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Catherine Gertrude
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Widow of the late Mr. George Bryne.
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"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Catherine Gertrude Bryne, relict of the late Mr. George Bryne, who died on the 23rd March 1845, aged 63. She made religion the business of her life. “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners!” 1 Tim.i.15"
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A Judgement order of Probate by the Supreme Court of Judicature of Fort William mentions Alphonse Francois Lacroix of Circular Road at Calcutta, a missionary of the London Missionary Society as the sole legal claimant of the property of Mrs. Bryne, which she herself inherited form her late husband. Records show Mr. Bryne (1771- 28/11/1833); East-Indian by birth; married Catherine Gertrude Blythe (widow) at Fort William, Calcutta on 07/07/1815, with the marriage solemnised by Henry Shepherd, Chaplain of the Presidency of Fort William. he is buried at the Scottish Cemetery, Calcutta.

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