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Antoinette Theodora van Zomeren Bodle

Last Name: 
First Name: 
Antoinette Theodora van Zomeren
date of birth: 
year of death: 
date of death: 
Dutch ?
Age at death: 
Widow of the late Mr William Bodle (Dutch nobleman; alderman in the Moyers Court)
Full Epitaph: 
Meivffrouw Antoinette Theodora van Zomeren van vreynes laast weduwe wylen den Heer William Bodle overleeden den 15 Dec 1774 in den ouderdom van 45 jaaren. [The epitaph roughly translates to: “Miss Antoinette Theodora van Zomeren van Vreynes(?), recently widowed of Mr William Bodle died on 15th December 1774 at the age of 45.”]
Detailed information: 

The grave sign (currently preserved at Rijksmuseum) comes from the choir of the church built by the Dutch in 1767 at Chinsurah. This church was demolished in 1978.(?)

The Rijksmuseum website describes the grave sign as follows:

Grafbord van Theodora Antoinette Bodle. Ruitvormig, Indisch hout. Ruitvormig wapen gedekt door kroon. In gele letters: 'T.A. Bodle ob: 15 : Decr 1774 Aetat 45'. [Rough English translation: Tomb board of Theodora Antoinette Bodle . Diamond shaped , Indian wood. Diamond-shaped weapon covered by crown. In yellow letters: " T. A. Bodle died: 15: December 1774 Age 45 ').

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