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Alphonse Herklots Lacroix

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Herklots Lacroix
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6 months 22 days
Grandson of Gregorius Herklots. Son of Hannah Herklots and Rev. Alphonse Francois Lacroix who got married on 17th May, 1825.
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Alphonse Herklots Lacroix who died on the 17th August 1828 aged 6 months 22 days. Not lost but taken away from the evil to come. Isaiah
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Coffin tomb
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Previously buried in the grave of Mrs. C.C Herklots. He was the second child of Hannah Lacroix and Rev. Alphonse Francois Lacroix. Alphonse Francois Lacroix (1799-1859) was considered as "THE PREACHING APOSTLE TO THE BENGALIS." Alphonse Francois Lacroix was born in 1799, in the village of Lignieres, on the slope of the Jura Chasseral in French Switzerland, . He was trained in his uncle's school in the suburbs of Neuchatel, then in Zurich for two years under a German pastor, then near Amsterdam where he was prepared for the Netherlands Missionary Society. The Netherlands Missionary Society sent the French Swiss, Alphonse Francois Lacroix, to Chinsurah to evangelize its inhabitants and the surrounding Bengalis. There is also an account in Bishop Heber's letters where the bishop plans to displace Mr Lacroix after the English takeover of Chinsurah (See Heber, Reginald, and Amelia Heber. The Life of Reginald Heber, D.D. Lord Bishop of Calcutta: With Selections from His Correspondence, Unpublished Poems, and Private Papers : Together with a Journal of His Tour in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Hungary and Germany, and a History of the Cosacks ; in Two Volumes. Murray, 1830.

There is another account of Lacroix's preaching in the Missionary Register:


A. F. Lacroix, Missionary: 

The Directors of the Auxiliary at Chinsurah give the following view of the Mission Mr Lacroix preaches once a week in English and several times in Bengalee he visits the English and Bengalee Schools and composes Bengalee Tracts. The Bengalee Schools contain nearly 100 Boys Our Holy Scriptures and the Catechism of our religion are taught the Heathen without the least contradiction. The Girls School meets now and then with opposition but it is attended by a good number of Girls and is under the inspection of Mr and Mrs Lacroix and Miss H Herklots a young Lady who exhibits the spirit of a true Missionary. The Schools are six in number. In reference to the Girls Schools, some interesting facts are stated which are under the peculiar circumstances of females in India. Very interestingly, it is not unusual to see the Girls reading to others under trees from the Scriptures one Girl hearing a Brahmin read indifferently said, "Fie! you read badly. Give me the book." A woman who was in charge of the Girls absented herself on one occasion sent her Husband whom she had taught to read to take her place. (Source: Missionary Register. Seeley, Jackson, & Halliday, 1824. 

Alphonse Francois Lacroix's daughter was Hannah Catherine Mullens who was the author of 'Fulmoni o Karuna'r Biboron', claimed by some commentators as the first novel in Bengali. Hannah Mullens is said to have learnt Bengali and taught it at the mission school in Bhanwanipore when she was only twelve. Hannah was married to Joseph Mullens who was presbyter of the Bhowanipore Congregational Church (formerly the London Missionary Society Church) in 1849. Hannah and Joseph Mullens wrote the biography of Alphonse Lacroix (See Hannah Mullens's other books include Voyages and Travels of a Bible 1851, A Missionary on the Ganges, Prasanna and Kamini.


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