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Lucas Jurriaanz Zuydland

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Lucas Jurriaanz
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Ter gedagtenisse van Wylen den Hr. Lucas Jurriaanz Zuydland in leeven Capitain ter zee equipage en Baanm, gebooren te Nieuwolda 21 Maart Ao. 1698. Obit den 25 Octobr. Ao. 1766
Equipment-Master and Commander of the Dutch Fleet. Seacaptain
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Nieuwolda, Groningen
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Pedestal tomb (with a gate), mausoleum
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Being the Dutch Commander, he was directly involved in the Battle of Biderra. Several accounts of the Battle of Biderra (November 1759, which the Dutch lost) mention that on 21st November the Dutch ships anchored in Sankrail, just out of fire of the English batteries ; and on the 22nd landed their troops, to march on Chinsura. They then dropped down the river to Melancholy Point. Clive sent information to Forde that the Dutch troops had landed and were on the march for Chinsurah ; and ordered Knox, with the troops in the batteries, to join Forde as quickly as he could. There were in the river at the time three English ships, while the Dutch squadron consisted of four ships of 36 guns, and bothe parties were hesitating to fight. On the 23rd Wilson came up to the Dutch fleet with his ships, when the Dutch Commodore Zuydland, warned him that, if he attempted to pass, he would be fired upon. Having no orders to fight, Wilson anchored, and reported the state of affairs to Clive. Clive directed Wilson to demand at once from the Dutch Commodore the restitution of all British vessels, subjects, and property, a full apology, and his immediate departure from the river. Failing compliance, Wilson attacked at once.

Some books say that Zuydland's coffin (some sources say skeleton) was visible on opening his crypt. [See Kattendijke-Frank, bezorgd door Katrientje Huyssen van. Met Prins Hendrik naar de Oost: De reis van W.J.C. Huyssen van Kattendijke naar Nederlands-Indië, 1836-1838. Uitgeversmaatschappij Walburg Pers, 2004.] Moreover, a letter (dated 2nd January 1757, after the recapture of Calcutta by the English) from Bisdom to Admiral Watson mentions him as bringing down ships with provisions for the Company. The letter asked for free passage of these ships. He is also mentioned as signatory in an agreement between the Dutch and Nawabs Jafar Ali Khan and others. In the background of July 1759, when a rumour was afloat at Calcutta that the Dutch Government at Batavia was fitting out a strong armament destined for Bengal, Zuydland’s ship was caught by Charnock’s Battery as carrying 18 Malay soldiers on board, who were then sent back to their ships. Some say his is the oldest tomb in the cemetery.

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