The Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah: A Digital Archive of Memories

Adriana Johanna Wyborch (Wyborgh?)

Last Name: 
First Name: 
Adriana Johanna
year of death: 
date of death: 
December, 1760
Wife of Johannes Bacheracht
Full Epitaph: 
Johannes Bacheracht... Adriana Johanna Wyborch geboren… en gestorven den... December Ao. 1760
Tomb architecture: 
flat tomb
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Her husband Johannes Bacheracht was Director of the VOC in Chinsurah (1770/71- 1776). He had also been in charge of the Dutch factories at Patna and Kassimbazar. During his term as Governor of Chinsurah, a great aversion to the British Chevalier led to an anti-British league consisting of north Indian princes and French troops. Bacheracht felt as director that it was appropriate for the VOC to stand on good terms with the French. He was also a member of the Political Council and Department of Justice of Fort Gustavus, during which time he signed several treaties and agreements on behalf of the Dutch settlement there. He was also known as a wealthy promoter of the sciences.

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