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Charles Robert Kiernander

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Charles Robert Campbell
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3rd July, 1834
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47 years
Grandson of Johann Zachariah Kiernander
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Sacred to the memory of Capt. C. Kiernander 15th Reg N.I Died 3rd July 1834 Aged 47 years
Captain in the army, interpreter and quartermaster to the 1st / 11th Native Infantry
15th Regiment N.I
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Chest Tomb
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Charles Robert Kiernander was born 5 Feb 1787, at Calcutta.  He was christened 21 Sept 1787, at the Old Mission Church, Calcutta, by his grandfather the Reverend Missionary Johann Zachariah Kiernander (, the founder of that church, who resided in India for sixty years.  The Lutheran missionary often ministered to the Dutch at Chinsurah, and resided there from 1787-1795, when he was chaplain there.

 Charles Robert Kiernander was for many years an interpreter and quartermaster to the 1st/11th Native Infantry, before his promotion to Captain in 1824.  He was invalided in 1826, and died within the decade, shortly after his wife, Charlotte Ann Kiernander.

He is described as being of the 'invalid establishment'. He was one of the witnesses to the marriage of Charles Vernieux and Susan Matilda Godfrey.

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Grandson of Johann Kiernander, the first protestant missionary in Bengal
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He was baptised at St.James Church Calcutta by Bruce Boswell.
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