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Peter Theodore Gerard Overbeek

Last Name: 
Overbeek (Overbeck)
First Name: 
Peter Theodore Gerard
year of death: 
date of death: 
12th September 1831
Age at death: 
55 years
Son of Daniel A Overbeek and husband of Helen Wilhelmina Overbeek
Full Epitaph: 
A Father's Tribute To the memory of his beloved son Peter Theodore Gerard Overbeek Obiit 12th September 1831 Aged 55 years He Died a Christian .... ....
Assistant at the East India Company's Salt Golah at Salkia (as per his will) and earlier Esq. Secretary to the Political and Judicial Department at Chinsurah.
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His will is available in the India Office Records. His bookshelf's contents are listed as being mostly religious / theological books such as Dwight's Sermon's , Buck's Theological Dictionary, Gill on the Bible and Psalms and Hymns but medical books such as The Physionomical System by Drs Coll and Spurnheim, Hooper's Medical Dictionary, Diseases of Infant Children etc can also be found alongside Locke's Essays, Robert Burn's Poems and Shakespeare. The will also lists crockery and glassware; brass utensils, horses and carriages, wine and money. His father Daniel Overbeek is the executor and declares that it has been signed in the presence of one Kishno Mohun Dattie, sircar najibullah khansamah and one Madho, sirdar bearer.

The full document can be viewed on (by subscription only)
His name is not mentioned in the entry on Overbeek in Burke's Peerage.

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Son of the last Dutch governor of Chinsurah
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