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Emilius Somerset Wise

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Emilius Somerset
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2 years and 6 months
Son of T.A. and Emily wise
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Sacred to the memory of Emily, the beloved wife of T A Wise, M D. and of their son, Emilius Somerset, The mother died at Calcutta on the 12th may 1839, aged 27 years, and the son at Hoogly on the 6th October 1835, aged 2 years and 6 months
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Baptised on 28.09.1833 by A, Macpherson, St James' Church.

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John H.A. Rudd. Chaplain of Chinsurah. John Henry Augustus Rudd was admitted to Pembroke College, Cambridge at the age of 18 on 21.02.1828. Completed his B.A. in 1832. Was ordained as Deacon in Lincoln on 23.12.1832, and a priest in 1833. Appointed as Chaplain on the English East India Company’s Bengal establishment on 12.02.1834, and remained in the service till 1851. Married Matilda Marios, daughter of Captain James Rainey (of the 7th Bengal Cavalry) on 12.12.1837 in Calcutta. Had a son Eric J. S. Died in 1876.
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