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Emily Isabella Wise

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Emily Isabella
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Scottish (?)
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Maiden name Disney. Niece of Colonel F. Prendergast, auditor-general of Madras. Married Thomas Alexander Wise M.D. (second son of Thomas Wise of Hillbank, Forfarshire).
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Sacred to the memory of Emily, the beloved wife of T A Wise, M D. and of their son, Emilius Somerset, The mother died at Calcutta on the 12th may 1839, aged 27 years, and the son at Hoogly on the 6th October 1835, aged 2 years and 6 months.
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Her husband (second son of Thomas Wise of Hillbank, Forfarshire), was the first civil surgeon of Chinsurah in the General Hospital; and later first principal of Hooghly Mohsin College on 1828. Fellow of Royal College of Physician in Edinburgh, member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London and Edinburgh, member of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London and Edinburgh, member of the late Bengal Medical Service. Was appointed initially as Assistant Surgeon in Dum Dum and became Assistant Surgeon of the Bengal Establishment in 1827. He wrote of the early Indian description of small pox in 1867 in his book ‘Review of the History of Medicine’, 2 vols. His other books include ‘Commentary on the Hindu System of Medicine’ (1860; printed originally in Calcutta in 1845), ‘Review of the History of the Chinese System of Medicine’ and ‘The Hindu System of Medicine’. He also wrote on the production of ice in Chinsurah (See He was secretary of the committee formed to prepare a plan for the Mohsin College, and later became its first principal when the college opened in Parron’s house on 01.08.1836. Remained in office till February 1839 and was succeeded by Sutherland, Esdaile and later Clint. Was additionally appointed as professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Hoogly College. He provided the impetus for an infant school for boys at Hoogly, which already had a college and two branch schools. Was secretary to the Committee of Public Instruction, Bengal and Principal of Hoogly and Dacca colleges. Wise took active part in all public affairs during his time, established the first hospital at Chinsurah, started a branch Agricultural and Horticultural Society there in 1836, introduced vaccination in Hoogly and even held office as Deputy Post Master. His son Dr. James Wise was civil surgeon of Dacca Imambara Hospital.

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T Dealtry, Archdeacon.
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Purba Hossain