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Johan William Salomon Van Haugwitz

Last Name: 
Van Haugwitz
First Name: 
Johan William Salomon
date of birth: 
year of death: 
date of death: 
Full Epitaph: 
Hier rust Johan William Salomon van Haugwitz geb den 20 Septemb 1744 overleeden d. 12 Novbr. 1796.
Merchant, Chief of the Dutch factories in Bengal.
Detailed information: 

Record exists of a statement of handover of Cornelis van Citters (Director of VOC, 1792-95) to Haugwitz at Hoogly, 16.11.1796. Baptised in a Lutheran Church as the son of Johann Heinrich de Haugwitz. Later married Maria Anna de Brueys (Susanna Anna Maria of Chinsurah?).

Records show that during his term the English (in 1795) came in possession of the factories of Bengal for the second time. His father, Johan Hendrik de Haugwitz was  a Sergeant in the regiment of Major-General Buddenbrock (Source: Resandt, Willem Wijnaendts van. De gezaghebbers der Oost-Indische Compagnie op hare buiten-comptoiren in Azië. Liebaert, 1944. and later a Lieutenant-Colonel in the city of Venlo in the Regiment Mariners van Ghent (See Johan Salomon Haugwitz's mother is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Venlo, Netherlands (See

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