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Clara Anne Ryland

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Clara Ann
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Daughter of William Henry and Jane Amelia Ryland of Raneegunge.
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Of such is the kingdom of heaven...
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coffin shaped ledger stone
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Her father William Henry Ryland was of the late Judicial Department, Bengal. From 10th Dec 1852 served in the subordinate executive service, Bengal. Since March 1868, a collector of stamps, and superintendent of abkiri revenue. Officiating Assistant Secretary of the government of Bengal since May 1869. From Dec. 1874 served in the Judicial Department and was appointed judge of the small cause court at Sealdah on Apr. 1875. Officiating Superintendent of stamps and stationery since Apr. 1880, and retired on Apr. 1887. Was married to a Jane Amelia. Died near Taunton, Somerset, in 1913 aged 86.  His occupation is described as "Indian Uncovenanted Civil Service (retired)". Other Children of his, according to his will, were KATE MARGARET (married a J M Anderson) EDWARD CHARLES (""of the Bengal Police”) MARY JANE (according to baptism records) MARY FLORENCE (Born 18 April 1853, Chinsurah) HENRY GEORGE (Born 1 July 1854, Chinsurah)

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T.A.C. Firminger (chaplain). Thomas Augustus Charles Firminger (1812- 18.01.1884) was born in England to Dr. Thomas Firminger (doctor, astronomer, and later coached candidates for Haileybury) and Elizabeth Shepherd. He studied at Pembroke, took his degree in 1837 and was ordained in Kent. On 04.10.1846, he was appointed assistant chaplain on the Ecclesiastical Establishment of the East India Company. He had presided at Saugor in the Central Provinces, Ferozepur (where he saw the Second Sikh War, and wrote on it), Howrah, Chinsurah and Guwahati. Married Georgina Buchner in May 1856 and had seven children by her. On 09.01.1868, retired from service and returned to England. Being posted at Punjab, at Howrah (near the Botanical Gardens) and living in the Nilgiri Hills on sick leave, Firminger grew his fondness for gardening, and had written several books in the subject, such as 'A Manual of Gardening for Bengal and Upper India', 'A Manual of Gardening for Bengal, Upper and Southern India', 'A Manual of Gardening for India' and 'Indian Gardening'.
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