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Cornelia Maria de Mauregnault

Last Name: 
de Mauregnault
First Name: 
Cornelia Maria
date of birth: 
year of death: 
date of death: 
Age at death: 
Daughter of Johan de Mauregnault and Maria Agatha de Leeuw. Wife of Mr. Andreas Franciscus Immens, a warehouse master in 1752 at Kassimbazar, Murshidabad.
Full Epitaph: 
Hier rust Cornelia Maria de Mauregnault Huyavrouw van Mr. Andreas Franciscus Immens gebooren den 7 April 1725 en overleeden den 18 Jan A. 1762
Place of birth / origin: 
Cambrai, Nord Pas-de-Calais, France
Detailed information: 

The de Mauregnault family came from Cambria, the first recorded member being Jan de Mauregnault (1676-1708), pensionary of Veere, Netherlands, who married Adriana de Buvry. Their son Johan de Buvry de Mauregnault (1704-89) was Chief Merchant of VOC and Fiscal of Ceylon, who married Marie Agatha de Leeuw in Batavia in 1723. They trace their ancestry back to Johan de Mauregnault, a knight of the Golden Fleece and Colonel of the Spanish Infantry under Ferdinand of Toledo, Duke of Alva, 1567. His brother was Daniel Pieter de Mauregnault. She married Mr. Andreas Franciscus Immens in c.1744, whose father had left Holland on 21.04.1750 and become Fiscal and Village Head at Hoogly in 1760. Mr. Andreas Franciscus Immens was born c.1718 at Katwijk Aan Den Rijn, Zuid Holland, Netherlands and died in 1765 at Chinsurah. He was Barrister and Fiscal of Chinsurah. The Immens family was an old church family from Ghent, Belgium. Robert Immens had fled to Hessen during the civil unrest following the introduction of inquisition in the Low Countries by Emperor Charles V. His son Robert Immens (born 1558) became a minister at Altona near Hamburg and died there in 1645. His son Robert Immens III (born 1623) became minister in Schijndel near Brabant in 1643 and married Maria van der Delien. All their three sons became minsters. Cornelia was the mother of Theodora Petronella Immens (married Daniel von Overbeek and gave birth to Daniel Anthony Overbeek, Governor of Chinsurah; Capt. Gerard Ewoud Overbeek (Sea Captain for United Netherland States); Pieter Franciscus Overbeek; Alexander van Overbeek and Cornelia Maria Overbeek) and Johanna Elisabeth Gerardine Immens (20.09.1752- 1829; married Anthony Bogaardt, son of Anthony Bogaardt and Cornelia van Duijfhuyzen. This Anthony Bogaardt (25.12.1740- 17.09.1788) was born in The Hague and was an employee of The United East India Company in Chinsurah. Arrived in Bengal on the ‘Osdorp’ in 1758 and became bookkeeper/ cashier in Bengal in 1766. By 1767 he was Junior Merchant; commercial bookkeeper by 1770, and later Chief Merchant at Hoogly. On 03.07.1781 he became a British prisoner-of-war. On 23.07.1784 he was Head Administrator and Chief Merchant of all VOC settlements of Bengal. Moreover, he was the first Resident in India. Johanna married thrice, and it was from her third husband Dr. Johan Frederik Gelsler, head of Pearl Fishery Company that she obtained for her daughters matching pearl earrings and necklaces).

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