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Benjamin Griffiths Sherman

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Benjamin Griffiths
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21 years 7months and 9 days
Brother of Stephen Stephenson Sherman. Son of John Standriver Sherman and Mary Sherman.
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To the memory of B.G. Sherman Esq.; died 9th December 1833; aged 21 years,7 months and 9 days; Reader, art thou young and full of hope; See, side by side entombed in the spring of life; Two brothers:and together we were three; All buoyant, nor dreaming aught of death's strife; In one short year each heard the solemn call! Think on thy God, as tho' thou would'st thus; early fall.
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Possibly a relative [brother?] of Stephen Stephenson Sherman of Chinsurah who was an indigo planter and owned a factory in Cooliada in the district of Burdwan. He was born in Fort St. George in Madras in 1810 to John Standriver Sherman and Mary Sherman.

On Stephen Stephenson Sherman, see

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