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Stephen Stephenson Sherman

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Stephen Stephenson
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English ?
Age at death: 
24 years 7 months
Possibly a relative [brother?] of Benjamin Griffiths Sherman of Chinsurah. He was born in Fort St. George in Madras in 1813 to John Standriver Sherman and Mary Sherman. Stephen Stephenson Sherman was an indigo planter with a factory in Cooliada [also spelt Coobada] in Burdwan. He was convicted of sheltering a murderer called Muttoor Parree who had, with four other accomplices, killed one Bharat Bagdi. On being asked about the whereabouts of Parree who was also an employee in the factory, Sherman and his brother, Edward Melville Sherman, denied any knowledge. Shortly afterwards Parree was arrested and admitted to having been present in the factory all the while. As such, Sherman was arrested on the charges of withholding information. The Sherman case occasioned complaints against Mr Robert Forbes, the magistrate of Burdwan, of gross oppression. The full details of this case and the Supreme Court's verdict can be found in the Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register, dated 9th August, 1834 (See
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Sacred to the memory of S.S Sherman Esq; aged 24 years and 7 months.
Indigo planter
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Involved in a court case where he was accused of protecting a native murderer
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