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Elizabeth May

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25 years
Wife of Rev. Robert May
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Sacred; To the Memory of Elizabeth; The Wife of Rev. Robt. May; Who died Sept. 17th 1813; Aged 25 years. Jesus is precious to them who believe.
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Rev. Robert May was a missionary of the London Missionary Society . He came to India in 1812 and resided in Chinsurah. In 1814 he established a vernacular school at Chinsurah.Within a year he had 16 schools with 957 pupils and by there were 36 schools under his name with 3000 pupils. Governor General Hastings supported the school with a monthly grant of 600 rupees and an enthusiastic endorsement of May's plan to establish a school for Teachers in connection with the Central School. On the 4th of August 1818, he was taken ill in a fever at Chinsurah and on the 11th was moved to Calcutta for the sake of medical assistance,where he died on the 12th of August at the house of Rev. Mr. Townley. His memorial lies in the Union Chapel,Dhurrumtollah.

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Robert May started the first girls' school in India
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