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Algernon Lynar Fawcett

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Algernon Lynar
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6 November 1841
Age at death: 
5 months
Only son of Major Lynar Fawcett, H.M. 55th Reg.and Anne Frances his wife
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Sacred to the memory of Algernon Lynar, only son of Major Lynar Fawcett, H.M. 55th Regiment and Anne Frances his wife, who died on 6th November 1840 aged 5 months
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His father was probably Lieutenant-Colonel David Lynar Fawcett of H.M 55th regiment. His military record as per the New Army List by H.G. Hart show that he was an ensign in 1826, lieutenant in 1828, captain in 1834 and major in 1840, all in the same regiment (See He then got promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and in 1843, died in a duel in Camden Town, London. David Fawcett was married to Anne Frances Porter (as per England Marriages 1538- 1973) and was a resident of St. Pancras. The details of the duel are revealed in an article in the spectator: see

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His father died in a duel
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F. Fisher, Chaplain
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