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Charles Theophilus Krauss

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Charles Theophilus
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36 years
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Sacred To The memory of The Rev.C.T.Krauss of the? Died the 14th October 1846 Aged 56 years and ? months Fear not, for I have redeemed thee
Revd. Of the C.M.S. at Kapasdanga
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truncated column on a square pedestal
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Rev. Charles Theophilus Krauss died at Hooghly on the 14th of October,of fever while on his way to Calcutta with his family,partly on account of health and partly to attend the Half Yearly Meeting of the Society's Missionaries of the Bengal district.

Reverend John James Weitbrecht's memoirs tell us: we are gradually feeling at home again among our brown-faced brethren the Hindus, but we have had fearfully hot weather these last ten days, " 90 degrees and 92 degrees all day long in the coolest rooms, kept close shut up from early morning, rising to 100** directly we open in the evenings. We have been steaming and groaning away, but are all well, though the cholera is raging fearfully. Poor Krauss lost eight boys in his school within three days, and I was in a village preaching where twelve natives died of it during the night. The people are coming in terror for medicine. I am glad I have a good stock, and have made successful application of it repeatedly. You might be alarmed if called to attend cholera cases continually as I do. " (

Krauss is recorded as having 'laboured most assiduously and faithfully for ten years at Kapasdanga (


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Juo DeCruze
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