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Lydia Fulton

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date of death: 
05.09.1843(Date of burial)
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65 years
Married Lt Colonel Thomas Fulton, of H.M. service in 1779 & Granddaughter (niece according to M. Derozario) of Charles Weston Esq.
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Sacred To the Memory of Lydia Fulton wife of Lieut. Col. T. Fulton who departed this life on the 25th year aged 65 years .... She was the Grand Daughter of the Late Charles Weston Esq . of Blessed Memory ... Thanks Be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ 2.Cor XV 57 ... "As In Adam all Die, even so in Christ, shall all be made alive" Ist Cor XV 22 . John DeCruze Sculptor Chinsurah ... For me must all Appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ 2 Cor V 10 John DeCruze Sculptor Chinsurah ... "Be ye also ready for in such An hour as ye think not the son of man cometh" Matt XXIV.44 John DeCruze Sculptor Chinsurah ... " When Christ who in our life shall Appear than shell ye also appear With him in glory. Col. III- 4 John DeCruze Sculptor Chinsurah
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Floral Designs. Pyramid and Classical architecture. Four verses from the Bible (Corinthians, Collossians and Matthew) on 4 sides.
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Detailed information about her can be found in Fultons of Lisburn by Sir Theodore Hope [See The relevant extract is included below:
" Her husband was Colonel Thomas Futlon, bap. 14th May 1780. About his early movements there is some uncertainty. In the Bengal Army he became Lieutenant on 1st November 1798, but resigned the Service on 15th February 1799. Next, the British Army List shows him to have been an Ensign in the 92nd Highlanders in 1801, and in the 78th (Highland) Regiment or Ross-shire Buffs in 1803, becoming Lieutenant in 1804, and to have left the Army in 1806, being on 9th April of that year made a Captain in the Armagh Militia. It is also known that he on nth
March 1799, m. in Calcutta, Lydia Johnson, dau. of William and Elizabeth Johnson, on whom a considerable fortune was secured by settlement dated ist March 1799 ; that he afterwards paid a short visit to Europe alone, and that eventually a separation took place, by a deed dated 18th July 1804. After that he left India, but she remained there and died on 5th September 1843, 3-t Bandel near Calcutta. Under her will, dated 23rd January 1841, she was buried next her parents in the Dutch burial ground at Chinsura. She left about 41,000 Sicca rupees to various godchildren, and 5,000 Sicca rupees to her husband, to whom went also 15,000 Sicca rupees which had been settled on the survivor of them. Some letters from Robert Bell Fulton, a cousin of her husband, show that in 1833-35 she was living in good style in Chowringhee, Calcutta, " comfortably and respectably," and was a friend of Mrs. Mackintosh {iiee Eraser), the wife of Mr. Eneas Mackintosh. "
She placed Charles Weston's (Jr. rather the son of the Charles Weston mentioned earlier in Mary Diemer's column as her father) tombstone, after Weston's death on 15th February 1813, at The Hospital Burial Ground, on the banks of the Ganga or the Tolly nullah.This hospital Burial ground is in all probability the current Bhowanipore Cemetery, as this link below suggests.

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John DeCruze, Chinsurah
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William Saunders. Church Clerk.
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