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Bonham Brook Faunce

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First Name: 
Bonham Brook
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Post-nominal titles: 
Lt. Adjutant. Esq.
date of birth: 
year of death: 
1840-41 (?)
date of death: 
8.3.1840. 10th March 1841 according to the 'The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer, for 1841-'
Age at death: 
32 years
Full Epitaph: 
Sacred to the Memory of Lieutenant and Adjutant Faunce of the 21st Scotch Fusilier who died on the 8th of March 1840, aged 32 years. This monument is erected by his brother officers as a mark of esteem and respect.
Lieutenant and adjudant H.21. Royal Scotch Fusiliers.
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A letter from a member of the H. 21st Regiment, dated May 31st 1839, from Chinsurah reports that the regiment had set sail on the 28th of February, reached Madras on 27th April and thereafter almost immediately left for Calcutta on 3rd May. They reached Calcutta on the 12th and were immediately shifted to Chinsurah. En route to Calcutta, they encountered a cholera attack, which took the lives of - three men, one woman, six children and one officer. The two Lieutenants, Mortimer and Stuart, weren't available for service as the former fell victim to cholera and the latter was on a sick leave at Madras. This situation saw Faunce promoted to the rank of Adjutant, under commander Walker.

Tomb placed by: 
brother officers
Buried by: 
F.Fisher. Chaplain
Notes on burial: 
This monument is erected by his brother officers as a mark of esteem and respect.
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